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Founded in 1997 and offering colorful designs since 1998, the Angela Moore collections of hand painted jewelry, resort fashions and home accents are based around "making everyday living an art.

Angela Moore designs are available thru the award-winning Angela Moore boutiques as well as online, via catalog and at selected women’s boutiques and specialty stores throughout the US and Caribbean. Angela’s collections are featured in leading national magazines and television appearances.

Angela Moore has also created “The New ETQ”, which offers etiquette and style tips for dining, dressing and decorating.

Kitty Witty, the children’s etiquette expert, is also part of the Angela Moore family of brands.

Angela’s philosophy is to “celebrate your own individual style” and part of the company’s mission is to give back to causes we care about.

Angela Moore
Boutique in Manalapan, FL

About Angela

Angela Moore
making every day a living art

Color me happy.

I have loved fashion, color and all things related to individual style since I was a young girl growing up in North Carolina.

My British mother taught me about dining, dressing and decorating and those themes have inspired many of my design directions. Etiquette tips, setting a pretty table, making guests feel at home and finding the perfect little black dress (or in our case, the perfect floral dress) are influences that shaped my approach to “making everyday living an art”. Her message of “doing for others” is the foundation for our Causes We Care about collections.

My Italian father loved textiles and knitting machine technology and with his father, held more patents in the knitting industry at one time than any prior “inventors”. The “Lombardi Textiles” company was credited with inventing single knit jacquard jersey technology, which meant my mom and I had lots of great fabric to whip up into outfits. My dad taught me how to recognize and strive for top quality and memorable design. His work was an extension of his life, a philosophy that he passed on to me. He said “Do what you love and you’ll succeed in life.” Those words gave me the confidence to pursue my real love of fashion, both in the tabletop industry and eventually in jewelry and fashion. I hope Dad would be proud to see my “art you can wear every day.”

For me, inspiration can come from a great textile fabric, a cool door knob or chocolate croissant! However, my favorite inspirations come from nature. Whether looking at the wildflowers in Vermont or azure blue seas in St. Barth’s and Florida, I find that nothing beats what nature can show us. The color combos, the ever changing vistas and even the scents of nature are what really get me “juiced”. Cool colors in Venice, hot colors in St. Barth’s. Fireflies in Vermont, palm trees and blue skies in Florida.

People often ask how I come up with the names and the designs for my collections. It’s an intuition thing. Often a name will pop into my head and that becomes the direction for the design. I think the names should be a reflection of how you want to feel when you wear the design, like Good Karma. As for the designs themselves, I look at what I would want to have in my own closet, and go from there. Missing spicy orange? Here comes Desert Bloom! Feeling that neutral fashion thing? Here comes Gorgeous Glow! And sometimes it’s as simple as seeing raindrops dancing on the pond at dusk. Moondrop Serenade.

I love creating pieces that make people happy and offer them a fun way to “celebrate their own individual style.”

Here’s to sunny days, moonlit nights and lots of white butterflies for luck!


Thanks for collecting and sharing your inspirations with me.

Angela Moore & our Style Specialists team