Hand Painted Jewelry & Fashion

Custom Orders

Love Angela's jewelry and looking for a special design for your organization?

Angela creates unique custom designs for schools, golf clubs, hospitals, foundations and an international group of corporations.  These designs are cherished by collectors and a favorite way for Angela to share the spirit of "art you can wear every day."

Contact our Corporate Offices to get started.

During the initial call, you'll learn about how the custom design program works, as we tailor a program that best suits you.

Next, you'll have a call with Angela to collaborate on a design which includes meaningful icons from your organization.

Want to raise funds for your church, school or foundation?  We do that!

Want to create a limited edition bracelet for an annual golf tournament?  Love to!

Your finished Angela Moore jewelry will include velvet pouches, plus your own personalized Care & Use romance card.

Contact our Corporate Offices to learn more about creating a custom Angela Moore design for your organization.

Phone:  800 927 - 5470  ext 1

Email:   admin@angelamoore.com